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Ecommerce - the cutting edge technology for Businesses todayEcommerce - the cutting edge technology for Businesses today
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Ecommerce - the cutting edge technology for Businesses today

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Electronic Commerce

The cutting edge for business today is Ecommerce. Broadly defined Electronic Commerce is a modern business methodology that addresses the needs of organisations, merchants, and consumers to cut costs while improving the quality of goods and services and also increasing the speed of sevice delivery. More commonly, e-commerce is associated with the buying and selling of information, products, and services via computer networks today and in the future via any one of the myriad of networks that make up the Information Superhighway (I-way).

The traditional business environment is changing rapidly as customers and businesses seek the flexibility to change trading partners, platforms, carriers and networks at will. Many companies are looking outside their organizations as well as within when shaping their business strategies. These activities include establishing private electronic connections to consumers, suppliers, distributors, industry groups and even competitors, to increase the efficiency of business communications, to help expand market share, and to maintain long term viability in today's business environment. The Information Superhighway has been able to expand this trend to another level altogether. It allows businesses to exchange information among constantly changing sets of customers, suppliers and research collaborators in government and academia on a global basis. It will indeed become a powerful business tool that no organization can do without.

Talking of Ecommerce Solutions one such solution is GoECart All-in-One Ecommerce Platform. GoECart is an end-to-end ecommerce platform that enables today's growing and medium-sized retailers to provide a superior online shopping experience while addressing the back office IT challenges

Conducting business online is no longer an option, but an absolute necessity for the success of your company. GoECart's easy to use and highly customizable Storefront and Order Management System (OMS) coupled with world-class support is sure to work for your online success! GoECart Ecommerce Platform is just right, whether for a successful online business or an emerging brand.

Pulse Commerce is the leading cloud platform for enterprise order & inventory management empowering retail leaders with unprecedented visibility and control of inventory, orders and customers. Retailers, such as Badgley Mischka, Hanesbrands Inc., and rely on Pulse Commerce to improve order turnaround, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize inventory control and fulfillment costs. To learn more about how Pulse Commerce can increase your business performance by 20% or more, please visit or follow @PulseCommerce on Twitter.

Pulse Commerce: Order Management System
An enterprise-class, omni-channel order management system (OMS) with over 250 out-of-box-features.
Empower POS managers to improve customer in-store experience and upsells.
Get a single, real-time, 360-degree view of all order demand and inventory.
Avoid siloed business decisions with data integration across all systems.
Reduce shipping costs with intelligent order routing and warehouse management.
Spend smarter with inventory forecasting and eliminates out-of-stock challenges.
Turn customer service into a profit center with a single view of customer history.

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